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Interventions to develop resilience

Exchanging thoughts and opening conversations to understand the needs of others and create positive mental health and wellbeing strategies.

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Resilience Support

50% of all mental health disorders begin by age 14, often with lifelong impact. Adolescence is a complex time with so much change, physical and emotional - at TIFs, we can't stop change, but we can help young people cope with it.

Research shows young people who are resilient have lower levels of depression, higher sense of wellbeing, know where to go for support and are more likely to find employment and their future path.

We want to improve young people’s and young adult’s awareness of their mental health and wellbeing and help to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to look out for themselves, their friends and those around them.

Resilience is critical for teenagers and young adults to build strong relationships, adapt to change and deal with day-to-day life issues.
That’s why, for many places of education, supporting student wellbeing is now a top priority.

Delivering workshops or wellbeing lessons to pupils and students is a simple way to introduce key tools and personal resources that support the development of wellbeing and resilience.

Our workshops provide proactive early support that encourages the development of resilience and wellbeing in young people and young adults through offering ideas, tips, and self-help strategies.

We explore how our feelings, such as anxiety, low mood, sadness, worry and fear are common emotions and we look at how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can affect behaviour and inform choice. We introduce the concept of acknowledging and acceptance of difficult emotions. We consider expressing difficult feelings safely and learning how to alleviate stress as well as embed awareness of how the mind works and explore skills to help us feel less overwhelmed by anxious thoughts.

Our workshops are not designed to replace or provide provision for people struggling with mental ill-health. They are designed to offer a person-centred, proactive approach that is part of ongoing school, college and university mental health and wellbeing support.

As well as our workshops TIFs approach to mental health and wellbeing for educational facilities involves creating partnerships to support work that is already in place, to contribute to capacity building, and to support the development and implementation of best practice.

Our prices start at £250 for a group of 8 students. We also offer a one to one session to participants as part of our package.


The Helpful Stuff

Supporting your teenager workbook

Parenting is tough but parenting a teenager can be even harder. Their bodies, brains and social worlds are changing fast. Have a look at the TIFs downloadable E-workbook that supports you to understand why your teenager responds in the way they do as well as giving you some useful hints and tips.

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NSPCC report 2021

Mental/emotional health, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and family relationships were the three most common main concerns among adolescents recorded in Childline counselling sessions in 2019/20.

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