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Interventions to develop resilience

Exchanging thoughts and opening conversations to understand the needs of others and create positive mental health and wellbeing strategies.

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Parents support

Why a shared family experience? Many children and young people support services are confidential so information cannot be shared with parents. TIFs has been established to overcome this barrier.

We know that families who can problem solve, manage conflict and establish boundaries grow together by learning together.

TIFs supports parents and children to work through the issues that are occurring at the early stages.
When children and teenagers struggle with resolving problems, it can have a profound impact on everyone in the family; arguments, silence, withdrawal, worry, anxiety.

As parents we know we need to respond, but we often aren’t sure what is the best strategy; especially if the challenging behaviour is becoming more frequent and nothing seems to work. Boundaries within the relationship start to break down.

Boundaries with children is a critical part of creating healthy relationships in families. These strengthen, parent-child relationships and teach children how to establish, build, develop and hold boundaries in other relationships, instilling lifelong skills helping children to have happy, healthy, and safe relationships.
This is why building family resilience is so important.

Emotions are the biggest barrier to resilience. When our emotions become involved, we lose our rational thinking and, instead, give way to a bunch of thoughts and defences that skew our objective nature.

TIFs supports parents and children to work through the issues that are occurring at the early stages – we can do this individually or as a whole family.

We offer one to one support. We will work through a series of open conversations, through which we will identify goals and strengths, and discover new possibilities, opportunities, and choices. Our one-to-one service is person centred, fluid and flexible depending on what is needed from the session.

Sessions can be online video chat or face to face (travel expenses may be incurred). Sessions are 60 minutes and cost £65.

Pre-paid packages are available. Please ask us for further information.

Building resilience with the family, We will meet with the family to discuss, initially with each person, how we can best support them and create a plan to meet their needs. We will encourage each family member to explore their thoughts and come up with solutions that make sense to them. This process will help to identify emotions and understand the reasons why the family responds in the way they do when faced with challenging situations. Our aim is to offer simple but effective strategies to build upon the parenting resilience skills that are already in the family toolkit.

• Self-awareness
• Problem Solving
• Dealing with Anger
• Positive communication
• Boundaries
• Decision making

The initial family consultation is £120.


The Helpful Stuff

Supporting your teenager workbook

Parenting is tough but parenting a teenager can be even harder. Their bodies, brains and social worlds are changing fast. Have a look at the TIFs downloadable E-workbook that supports you to understand why your teenager responds in the way they do as well as giving you some useful hints and tips.

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NSPCC report 2021

Mental/emotional health, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and family relationships were the three most common main concerns among adolescents recorded in Childline counselling sessions in 2019/20.

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