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Interventions to develop resilience

Exchanging thoughts and opening conversations to understand the needs of others and create positive mental health and wellbeing strategies.

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Our services are person centred. Support is focussed on achieving our clients aspirations and are tailored to their needs and unique circumstances.



Resilience Support

50% of all mental health disorders begin by age 14, often with lifelong impact. Adolescence is a complex time with so much change, physical and emotional - at TIFs, we can't stop change, but we can help young people cope with it.

Research shows young people who are resilient have lower levels of depression, higher sense of wellbeing, know where to go for support and are more likely to find employment and their future path.


Building Resilience

Families who can problem solve, manage conflict and establish boundaries grow together by learning together.

Boundaries with children is a critical part of creating healthy relationships in families. These strengthen parent-child relationships and teach children how to set boundaries in other relationships, instilling lifelong skills helping children to have happy, healthy, and safe relationships.

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The TIFs Resilience Club

Supporting parents and professionals to gain knowledge, skills and techniques to develop emotional regulation (for children and adults) and how to support this in each other.

We know parenting isn’t always easy. We have listened to parents and professionals about the type of support they feel would benefit them the most.


Parents support

Why a shared family experience? Many children and young people support services are confidential so information cannot be shared with parents. TIFs has been established to overcome this barrier.

We know that families who can problem solve, manage conflict and establish boundaries grow together by learning together.


Business support

Paul J Meyer once noted that “Increased productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.”

We can all agree that people are a company’s greatest asset. When their well-being is nurtured and invested in, the company also thrives.


Professional Support

In a fast-paced world facing complex global challenges, resilience skills are no longer desirable – they’re crucial.

But where do you start? And how can you tell what will make a genuine longer-term positive impact on your people’s wellbeing?

The Helpful Stuff

Supporting your teenager workbook

Parenting is tough but parenting a teenager can be even harder. Their bodies, brains and social worlds are changing fast. Have a look at the TIFs downloadable E-workbook that supports you to understand why your teenager responds in the way they do as well as giving you some useful hints and tips.

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NSPCC report 2021

Mental/emotional health, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and family relationships were the three most common main concerns among adolescents recorded in Childline counselling sessions in 2019/20.

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