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Resilience – the ability to bounce back


Timely Interventions for


Timely Interventions for


Timely Interventions for
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Resilience plays an important part in many aspects of our personal, family and professional lives:

• Emotional Intelligence
• Confidence
• Assertiveness and challenge
• Direction and purpose

We are all inherently resilient, however there are times when we will face situations where we feel overwhelmed and lost and can struggle to bounce back from the challenges that we are facing.

When situations for an individual becomes overwhelming the following may be experienced:

• Difficulties in making decisions
• Difficulty in managing emotions
• Lack of motivation
• Lack of enjoyment in life
• Loss of confidence
• Decrease in self-care
• Self-limiting beliefs
• Fear of failure 

Whether you are a family, professional or business seeking support we will provide a bespoke and pro-active person- centered intervention that:

• Ensures everybody is heard and shown equal respect
• Promotes positive communication
• Explores alternative perspectives
• Improves relationship dynamics
• Plans and agree strategies

Seeking support from TIFs will help you identify areas for development that can have lifelong results. Our belief is that you have everything that you need to succeed. Our role is to bring awareness around the underlying issues, so that you are able to overcome obstacles and work towards achieving your goals. We work in a warm and empathic way inspiring you to work towards the resolutions that you have identified.

We understand that seeking support is a courageous act and can feel daunting this is why we will work with you sensitively, encouraging autonomy and be respectful of the pace you choose.

Timely interventions can have lasting positive results. Together we can do so much

Resilience Coaching
Resilience Coaching
Coaching works through a series of open conversations, through which we will identify goals and strengths, and discover new possibilities, opportunities and choices.
Building resilience
Building resilience
Families who can problem solve, manage conflict and establish boundaries grow together by learning together.
The TIFs Resilience Club
Resilient Teams
Resilient teams rebound from setbacks and welcome new challenges. They devote their energy to solutions and remain focused on outcomes regardless of external conditions.
Business support
Business support
Businesses have never confronted so many complex challenges in so many areas all at once. TIFs helps Leaders design resilient strategies with objectives that are as ambitious as they are sensible.
Professional’s training
Professional Support
Resilient individuals still face the same problems that other people encounter, but persevere in the face of difficulties rather than giving in. They offset negative feelings – such as anxiety and anger – with positive experiences and emotions, and put perceived failure in perspective.
Professional’s training
Parents support
Parents can build resilience in children; it’s a skillset that is built throughout life. TIFs helps empowers families to bounce back from stressful situations and challenging times. This skill will serve them now and throughout their lives.
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